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Are you over 40 with a busy work- and family life as a mom or dad, daughter, son, grandmother or grandfather? Do you find that things are a little different now compared to what it was like when you were much younger? Do you feel there is never enough me-time anymore and you are having to ‘squeeze things’ into your busy schedule? Perhaps you prefer to take the escalator because you get out of breath when you’re taking the stairs?

Thinking back, I had a great time in my twenties. Almost everything was fun, I felt invincible- well nearly. I didn’t really care about aging or health concerns and everybody over 40 seemed quite old.

Meanwhile, I did get older, I took on more responsibilities in life, at home, and at work. And it became more difficult to set enough time aside to exercise. Does this sound familiar to you?

You have this desire to stay healthy, happy and fit for longer. You would like to keep your heart and circulation healthy as you age. You are so much more aware of your health being a huge asset.


You are willing to do whatever it takes.


But you are not oblivious to reality either. You know that it is likely that some of us might develop health problems as we age. Perhaps you know someone who has a  heart condition, which limits their life and requires treatment.

You wonder what you could do to prevent this from happening to you. Even if it is “just” high blood pressure.


You want to stay fit and healthy.


picture of a healthy heart


There is so much information out there, which you find overwhelming and paralyzing. You have tried a few “recipes” and followed a few people’s guidance, but it did not have the effect you wanted to see. 


Before you know it time has passed and nothing has changed in your life.

best ways to improve heart health



I am glad you are here  🙂



Most people in my community come to me wanting to live healthier & happier lives.

You want to have a happy & healthy heart and circulation.

You want to sleep better, be relaxed and have more energy.

You want to have plenty of time to spend with people you love.

And you know that the right mindset and a smart health- and fitness routine will get you there.

about_achieving healthier happier lives

I am a doctor, consultant, coach and mentor, and I help ambitious people like you to have a harmonious work-life balance, achieve well-being & reach important health- and fitness goals.

Here are a few things you will find at SmartCardioTraining:

  • Inspiration & Information on heart- healthy living
  • Fitness tips and workout ideas
  • Insight into alternative methods to improve and balance your general health, heart health, and well-being
  • Fitness product reviews
  • Reviews of heart-healthy foods, supplements, and recipes
  • Coaching:  setting your goals, reviewing where you are now & identifying options and actionable steps so that you can succeed with your dream goal
  • Personal  success stories


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The story behind SmartCardioTraining

It was at the end of 2015 that my friend Bea suddenly fell ill with high blood pressure and exhaustion.  

When Bea told me her story, it sounded as if she had hit a snowbank in thick fog- not literally, rather metaphorically.

We agreed that I would help Bea to achieve a better work-life balance and general well-being. Bea managed to negotiate flexible working hours with her employer and she improved her aerobic fitness. Her blood pressure normalized and she slept better.  So far she has managed to stay off of medication and has developed a great health-& fitness routine.

I wanted to share my knowledge, expertise, and wisdom with a wider audience, and that was the begin of SmartCardioTraining.

I asked Bea if she would share her story with you, she happily agreed. You can find the article here.

I am fascinated by physical and emotional processes and how they affect us as human beings. Therefore, it is not surprising that I feel that body, mind, spirit and soul are all connected in an awesome way.

I’ve spent years honing my craft, and I want to help you lose that overwhelm & gain clarity.

 With all my knowledge and expertise I would like to help you to succeed with your health- and fitness goals, no matter where you are currently in your personal journey.


Some more fun facts about me….

I have quite an inquisitive mind, I can absorb and process a lot of information in a short space of time. I enjoy logic as a means of getting from A to B, but imagination encircles the world and takes me everywhere. If Albert Einstein could hear me quoting him in parts, I think he might like that….  🙂 About_Coaching

Traveling is a great motivation for me, but to travel has to have a purpose other than simply going on vacation. A purpose, such as learning new things and meeting new people, coming together for the purpose of co-creation and getting to know new cultures is very important to me when traveling.


I love testing and tasting different foods when traveling or at home in our kitchen. I do have a sweet tooth, and I am known to be a hardcore dark chocolate lover.

The post-workout chocolate truffle recipe is mostly my creation, which is an absolute hit with family and friends. You can find the recipe here.

I enjoy experimenting with new ingredients in old recipes or creating new recipes. I think it is fair to say that I am quite an artistic person….

Talking about my artistic side, I do love photography, and telling a story in pictures gives me great pleasure. I used to paint and draw with enthusiasm when I was at school, and allegedly I was very good at it.    

I love practicing yoga and over time I have discovered many interesting aspects of the practice.

Years ago I started off considering yoga as a pure flexibility exercise. Later I realized the potential of being able to channel Shiva during my practice – now that was an eye-opener.  😉 


And to keep the artistic theme going, I absolutely love and admire acro-yogis and movement artists for their work, their abilities, passion, and dedication.


I ski –  though not every season and I avoid moguls and very steep runs if I can. Skiing is great fun and an awesome way to burn all those calories. exercises improve cardiovascular fitness

Playing tennis is another passion of mine. I found it very easy to become a big fan of Roger Federer’s game.

best exercise cardiovascular health I started playing tennis only a few years ago, and I do love everything about the game: it is complex, technically challenging, it can be fast and slow, it tests my aerobic ability and above all it is fun.

Could it be just like everyday life?


Yup…. that’s pretty much my short “About (me)” story.


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Go for it and hustle hard

Xx Maria  🙂