Sole F85 – A Gym-Quality Treadmill For Your Home

Are you looking for the top of the range, high-quality home-treadmill?  If yes, then you ought to read this review because the Sole F85 Folding Treadmill is the best model in the folding category hands down.

Many users consider the Sole F85 as an affordable “gym-quality” model, which is well worth the money. The manufacturer builds this treadmill to a very high-quality standard, and a steeper price tag is therefore not surprising.

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Over the years, Sole has consistently upgraded the features of the F85, which include the motor power, the belt quality, and the weight capacity.

The excellent work done by Sole has secured many five-star reviews for the F85 in recent years. In 2016, the company added Bluetooth capability to this model, making the treadmill the most advanced in its class.

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What are the Sole F85 Specs?

Size of the machine

The dimensions of the machine are 83”x57”x37”, which will take up a good deal of space. You should also make sure that you have enough safety clearance of 2-3 feet on each side and 6-8 feet at the back. It is a good idea to consider the space you require for the machine before you unpack and assemble it.

Weight capacity

The treadmill has a weight capacity of 400lbs and is well-suited for various fitness goals, including walking, jogging and running. If you are a serious runner and you are looking for a folding model, this treadmill is the one to have.


The F85 has a powerful and quiet 4.0 CPH  motor, supporting speeds of up to 12mph. This means that you can run at a pace of 5 minutes/mile, which is potentially fast enough to win the New York Marathon.

Track and Rollers

The treadmill has a 2-ply track and large 2.75” rollers, which provide for smooth operation, durability and low maintenance.

If you are into running, it is important that you have a large enough running deck. With this model, you have ample space to exercise as the deck is 60”long and 20”wide. Also, Sole has a unique track cushioning technology, which they call the Cushion Flex Whisper Deck. This feature reduces the impact on your joints by up to 40%.


For quicker results, you will find different incline levels up to 15%, which provides an excellent challenge to target select muscle groups in your lower body.

You can adjust the incline at any time after belt movement by pressing the up/down keys on the console or handgrips to achieve the desired level of effort.

If you prefer a quicker change of incline, you can jump to a particular incline key , which you will find on the left-hand side of the console.


Sole F85 - A Gym Quality Treadmill For Your Home-consoleThe F85 console has an easy-to-read adjustable 10.1” TFT LCD screen that includes a message board for instruction and feedback to guide you through your workout. The information displayed includes speed, time, distance, calories burned, pulse and pace. The message board will also recap your workout so that you can see your progress.

The heart rate sensors are integrated into the front cross bars. You simply use both stainless steel bars to get your heart rate displayed in the pulse window. There is a chest strap included in the package should you prefer to wear it. If you use one of the heart rate programs, you are advised to wear the strap as this ensures a more stable heart rate reading.

The F85 has been outfitted with Bluetooth capability, allowing you to download your fitness data by connecting either with your Sole Fitness app, or if you prefer, you can have your workout data synched with other compatible fitness apps.

The console has built-in speakers and a headphone jack, which allows you to hook up an MP3 player or another compatible device for easy listening while you are working out.

Programmable Features

The F85 has ten built-in workout programs: five pre-set programs, one manual program, two user-defined programs, and two heart rate programs.

All pre-set programs include changes in speed and incline. You have a choice of hill program, fat burn, cardio, strength, and interval program.

The manufacturer has included very detailed information on how to do heart rate training and how to use the heart rate programs. There are four pages in the manual dedicated to this topic, which is worthwhile reading.

For your convenience, there is a shelf for your tablet computer and smartphone. There are also two water bottle holders and two cooling fans, helping you to extend your training session.


The treadmill weighs about 300 lbs. As such, it is best if you decide where you want to use it before you unpack and assemble it.

The manufacturer provides an excellent user manual providing diagrams and clear instructions for assembling the treadmill in eight steps.

All the tools you need are included in the assembly pack. The set-up should take you no longer than an hour. You should read through the installation instructions; there are some important safety points you should be aware of before you start assembly.

You can find assembly videos here.

Folding and Moving the Sole F85

Sole F85 - A Gym Quality Treadmill For Your Home- Folded-Sole prides itself in offering you the best folding system on the market; this design features a patented gear rack & pinion system, which includes a Safety Lock Deck design. This means that the treadmill practically folds and unfolds itself with the help of hydraulic technology.

The model is equipped with transport wheels; they are engaged when the treadmill is folded up, which allows you to simply roll it away.


The manufacturer advises you to wipe down the area between the belt edge and the frame as well as the belt, using a damp cloth but no cleaners or abrasives.

They suggest you use mild soap and water together with a nylon brush to clean the surface of the belt. You should do this once a month to help to extend the belt life.

To prevent any excess dirt or dust from being sucked up under the engine cover, you should clean underneath the treadmill once a month.  Every other month you should remove the motor hood and vacuum any dirt which might have accumulated.

The manual includes information on how to calibrate your machine as well as the steps to follow to do a maintenance test.


Lubricate your treadmill only with Sole-approved lubricants. Your treadmill comes delivered with one tube of “lube”, which you find in the assembly pack.

The manufacturer has pre-lubricated the belt and deck of your treadmill; they advise that you lubricate every 90 hours of use, or earlier if necessary, or if you feel that the deck has run dry.

There is a “Lube” indicator on the console which lights after 90 days of use.

However, they recommend that you reach between the belt and deck every other month to see whether there is enough lubrication present. In the manual, you will find clear instructions on how to lubricate.

They have included a useful maintenance chart in the manual, which has little reminders such as to check the belt tracking, lubrication and wiring.

Where to buy the Sole F85?

The treadmill sells at Amazon; if you think the Sole F85 is the right machine for you, click here to check for the best deals.

Sole offers a lifetime warranty on the motor, deck and frame; there is a five-year warranty for all other components and 90 days for cosmetic parts such as grips and console overlays. The warranty for labor is two years.

To validate the manufacturer’s warranty, you are required to register your purchase within ten days of purchase.


Sole’s folding treadmills are well-known for their superb quality and reliability. While the price of the F85 may be a bit steep, it is probably the most affordable high-quality folding model that gives you the features of a “gym-treadmill”.

With a quiet, powerful motor, premium rollers, a sophisticated track belt and hydraulic folding technology,  this model is manufactured for performance, reliability and durability, which is second to none in this treadmill category.

Sole has recently upgraded the F85 with a Bluetooth connection, which is a very welcome additional feature that gives you a wireless method of transferring your fitness data.

The only areas that could be improved upon are the handlebars, which are somewhat short. Also, the machine does take up a lot of space when in use.

Sole F85 - Treadmill For Your HomeOverall, the F85 is top notch in its class. It’s a treadmill that will outperform and outlast any other model at this particular price. However, if you are not a hard-core runner that requires a 4.0 CPH motor for their training, you probably could make due with a less powerful machine.

If you liked what you’ve read and think that this treadmill is right for you, then go to Amazon to check out the latest deals and buy your machine.

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