Weslo Cadence g 5.9 Treadmill – A Popular Entry Model

If you’ve been searching Google for answers to the question as to whether the Weslo Cadence g 5.9 is the right treadmill for you, I’m proud to say you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you dislike paying a gym membership, or you simply hate driving to the gym in heavy traffic, you want to save some time and go for a walk or run outside, but then the weather is not cooperating, all this becomes frustrating very quickly.

Finding an easy way to walk, jog or run at home could be challenging. But then there are treadmills such as the Weslo Cadence g 5.9, which has been an absolute selling hit on Amazon since 2012, with almost 2000 reviews and mostly 4 and 5-star ratings.So what is so good about the Cadence g 5.9 and would it be right for you?

Let’s find out.

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What Kind of Treadmill is the Weslo Cadence g 5.9?

If you are looking for a reliable and space saving treadmill, which is best for walking and jogging,  then this model is most likely for you.

The Cadence g 5.9 is a great no frills, inexpensive compact machine you can use for your at-home cardio workout, to build muscle and strength and to lose weight.

What are the Cadence g 5.9 Specs?

The treadmill’s drive system uses a 2.25 hp motor; that means its power is at the lower end of the spectrum and might make the treadmill slightly noisier at higher speeds.

You can vary the speed control manually in increments of either 0.1 mph or 0.5 mph to a maximum of 10 mph, which makes for some respectable jogging or running at this level.

If you choose one of the preset program options, and there are 6, the speed control will be automatic. The display screen is a blue-tinted LCD with priority display to track your workout results.

The running deck size is on the smaller side, at 50″x 16″, and designed with a layer of cushioning to absorb the stride impact on your joints.

The console area has two water bottle holders on either side as well as a reading shelf above the display area where you can put a tablet or a book.

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How to Use the Weslo Cadence g 5.9 Treadmill?

You have the choice of six personal trainer workouts, which will keep you entertained with either intensity training or weight loss options. Otherwise, if you are a no-nonsense type of person, you could just focus on the burn.

The priority display will quickly track your workout results giving you speed, time, distance and calories burned, which makes it easy to monitor your workout progress.

There is a thumb heart rate sensor integrated on the left-hand side of the dashboard to get a one off heart rate reading.


Putting the parts together is your responsibility unless you ship it to the store and have it assembled there, but then you need to haul it to your home, and that might be somewhat difficult.

The package is about 120lbs and assembling the parts requires two people. You will need the included screws and hex keys as well as your own Phillips screwdriver and a needle nose pliers.

After you assemble the base, which is the heaviest part, finishing the job is relatively easy and the overall assembly time should be under an hour.

There is an excellent instruction manual, which you can refer to before assembling your new product.

Turning the Machine On

This part is easy.  You simply need to plug in the power cord, and there is an on/off switch, under the front of the frame – near the floor. The manufacturer recommends using a surge suppressor to decrease the risk of damaging the treadmill.

Make sure that you deselect the demo mode by holding down the Stop button for a few seconds.

Next, attach the red magnet key on the dashboard – that is a safety feature. The key is connected to clip, which you can slide onto your clothes. In case you have a problem, the magnet key is pulled off the panel, and the belt stops.

In case you have a problem, the magnet key is pulled off the panel, and the belt stops.

Inclining the Weslo Cadence g 5.9

The g 5.9 is an inexpensive model, and therefore it has only two manual incline positions: 1.5% and 6%.

Weslo Cadence g 5.9 Treadmill-Manual InclineTo change the slope, you need to remove the key and unplug the power cord and then fold the treadmill into the storage position.

Next, you flip both incline feet into the desired position.

A treadmill with a manual incline option is fine if you are an entry level user.

However, if you intend to do some serious training including interval training, you might be better off with a different model.

Folding the Treadmill

The Weslo Cadence g 5.9 is easy to manage and folds in the upright position to dimensions of approximately   67″x 16″.

To fold the treadmill, you must be able to lift 45 lbs safely. If you have no problem with that, you unplug the power cord, take off the safety key, take hold of the frame and lift halfway up. Make sure you bend your legs and keep your back straight when you lift up the frame, so as to not to injure your back.

You then hold the frame with your right hand and pull the latch knob, which is on the left side, lift the frame a little higher until the catch passes the latch pin and then release the latch knob.

Be aware that the treadmill will generally not fit under a bed.

Lubricating the Belt

The manufacturer has coated the treadmill belt with a high-performance lubricant. If you suspect that the walking belt could do with some more lubrication, your best bet is to call the manufacturer. You can find the phone number on the front cover of the instruction manual.

The manufacturer manual discourages the use of silicon spray or any other substances unless a service representative has instructed you to do so.

Where to buy a Weslo Cadence g 5.9 ?

You can get the Cadence at Amazon; click here for the latest deals and information on shipping.

If you prefer, you can buy your treadmill at Walmart.com and have your item delivered, or you can drive to your local Walmart store to pick up your new treadmill on the same day of your order; just check with your local store. There are different delivery options available at Walmart, you can check out the latest information on price and shipping here.

Warranty and Return Policies

The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty for the drive motor and 90 days for parts and labour from the day of purchase. You will need to register your treadmill within 30 days of purchase.

Walmart offers a 3 year  and a 4-year  care plan. If you decide to buy from Amazon, there is an option to include a 2-year protection plan.

You may return your treadmill to a Walmart store within 90 days, so make sure you keep all the packaging for 90 days.

If you buy at Amazon, you can return within 30 days. Go to the website at Weslo.com and they will give you a Return Authorization Number. Be aware there might be a restocking fee for all returned or cancelled merchandise.


If you are looking to buy an entry-level model that saves you space, and you are under 250 lbs (manufacturer maximum weight capacity), you are all set to get fit at a very affordable price with this model.

Should you belong to the more hardcore running crowd, or you happen to be very tall, you might want to look for a more suitable model because your stride length might be too big for the tread belt area.

However, if you are in the process of rehab or you are older and want to stay fit, this treadmill will fit your bill. If you need a slightly bigger track size, higher weight capacity and more incline you may want to look at a different machine.

If based on what you’ve read above, you think this treadmill is a good choice for you, I suggest you go to either Walmart or Amazon and order your machine.

I hope you found this article helpful. Let me know what you think (contact form, comments, etc) and enjoy getting and staying fit with your new treadmill.